Naah, don`t worry, I am not opening up a brewery. I guess lord of the rings quotes can be used anywhere, right?

I am still annoyed by that letter from the court but since there`s nothing for me to do, I`ll move on. And try to behave on monday when I see our “creative commons” lawyer talking about justice and fairness of the courts.

Ive been trying to figure it out a way to re-do that cycling site I`ve been telling you about in my NYE resolutions. The train of thought went something like this…

this site is ugly, it needs remodeling -> I think I`ll do something so that the cyclers can update the news on their own without me having to code a new html file every time they want some notification posted -> at the same time I want the rest of the site to remain static -> calling the members and asking them about that -> deciding that it is easier to just leave the things the way they are since they don`t wanna do it -> train of thoughts stopped -> everybody out.

Watched “The Crow” after a long time. Good movie. Very 80`s in style and on the other hand very timeless. I guess it`s goth time. Seeing how I am listening to “My dying bride” since morning. I blame the guys next door! I don`t know what the hell are they doing but apparently every once in a while they decide it`s hammer time and they…well…hammer. And I guess “My dying bride” seemed fit for a counter-attack. I am really curious about what the hell they are doing. It`s like every now and then they decide it`s time to bring the house down and rebuild it all over again. There`s nothing like waking up to the melody of the power-drill over your head.

I am slowly but surely running out of photo-material. I think it`s time to go hunting. I wasted a perfectly good day to do it and I won`t make the same mistake twice. Tomorrow, we go (yeah, me and my other self)! Location currently unknown but I`ll try to keep away from the strict center, since I already got it covered. Maybe walk along the river and try to catch some ducks. We`ll see. There`s a world of opportunities.

Oh, and just a tiny bit of commerical. New review is up on “Meni se zdi“. Slovene only. Forever.

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