Right. I did it again. Ups. Wonder how my ass will feel tomorrow.

If you jumped at that line, let me calm you down…I am talking about hiking. This time, the goal was set a little lower than Krim, since Krim is 1106 meters above sea level and marna gora, another popular hiking point, is only 669 meters high. This is just warming up for the biking season, which should being somewhere in march. If we are lucky and we don`t get snow in the near future.

The only thing bad about marna gora is that there`s too much people. Take into the account that there is a church on top of it and that ceremons are being held there and the fact that today is sunday, the day of the lord for some and you get a mass of people rolling to…erm…well..the mass.

But the view is fantastic and the over-mura moving cake that they serve is fabolous (I think running up like a rabbit on speed has something to do with that fact, but let`s not split hair, shall we?).

So all in all, it`s worth the “trouble”. Ive noticed that these hills do not represent a challenge for me anymore. Could be cause of the fact that I am walking to work and back every day? Hm…will have to look into it.

Another weekend swished by, just as weekends should. Rest on saturday, take a hike on sunday and off we go, into the new week.

I`ve also decided to participate in the Photo Friday contest. It`s not really a contest since you don`t win anything, but I guess the participation is a reward all by itself. And it will stimulate me to take (at least) one photo per week. Starting tomorrow.

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