…I would like to recite a poem.

no seriously…

this weather sucks. Big time. Bigger than big time.

First thing…the computer incident. Although I am not taking it hard and I guess I should be happy since I know what I am going to do tomorrow, it bugs me a little.

Second…the snow. Sheesh. What`s up with this weather? And since shrove tuesday is already gone and that holiday was meant to SCARE winter AWAY…we`re left with little to no defense against the snow and the cold.

Third…the general tiredness (I am thinking it has something to do with number two). I just hope my body did not decide to start following the flu trend that pesters our country. Will overdose on lemons and vitamins today and hope for the best. I don`t like being sick.

Now, the bright sides.

I`ve managed to take some photos, including the severly photoshoped one that I posted in my previous post.

We`ve made contact with another blogging life form. In a funny kinda way (hope she gets well and gets the joke;)

I got home BEFORE seven o`clock (which is also an achievement of some sort).

And now…I would like to dedicate today`s rant I would like to dedicate to phones, people and numbers.

You see, the number of people that I gave my number and the number of people that have my number is not the same. The latter group prevails. Which bothers me. Unknown people calling you, preferably from “private number” and not leaving a message after you don`t answer the phone. Where the fuck are those people`s manners? I mean…passing my number on without telling me. Strike one. Calling me from an unknown number and then hanging up, thinking I`ll call back…strike two. Calling me when I said repeatedly that I am not interested in their bids…strike three. You`re out. Another one on the (no tone) list.

Now that the blogging lecture is written, I think I should dedicate my time to the search of two (2) more computer-geek jokes. I know, I know…already been bugging you with this request and I know it sucks. I guess I`ll just browse BASH and hope for the best. I mean really…how hard can it be…right?

I guess this snow means no beginning of biking season any time soon. Sigh. Damn Bush and global warming. Kyoto agreement came too late. We`re stuck in the world were the seasons pulsate like blood in veins. Snow, sun. Rain, sun. Cold, warm. Snow, sun. We`re stuck in a world where seasons will be measured by days. “When was winter?” “Ah, I think it was last tuesday or something“.

Just a little request for the end. Go do my poll. 🙂

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