I don`t know why but I keep thinking it`s thursday. I thought that yesterday and I am thinking that today. Jet-lagged. Have to write on my hand. “Wednesday dummy!”

The laptop is as good as gone. I don`t know what she did, but I guess it did the job. Yesterday her husband came by to pick it up and take it to the retailer. As long as it`s out of my hands…
I am fine.

This winter weather is definitely not my style. Maybe that`s why I feel “weird”. Cause in my mind, I am already in spring, driving around on my bicycle and when I look outside, I see Syberia. And it takes some time to get it. No sun, snow. Snow. S-n-o-w.

Yesterday we had the first meeting for the KEIN workshop that will take place in Ljubljana at the end of March. We`re in charge of the logistics. Looking forward to it (on the quiet side, it appears that someone hacked their blog. They are not usually about sexy ladies).

Actually took some photos yesterday, as I went to pick up some stuff from our “mother org.” It`s amazing how quiet the world is when it`s covered by snow. Isolation. And I guess the word “amazing” is not the right word I am looking for, since I know why the sounds go quiet. But it`s still “insert the proper noun here” to see the world go quiet, noises blured out

Yesterday I also went to a photography exhibit (invitation in slovene), featurings newspaper photographers. The picture shows the works displayed there (click to see the bigger version). If anybody wants to swing by KUD France Preeren, the whole show is opened till the 2nd of March. Free admission. Tell them cookie sent you 😉

New poll is up, according to the results of the last one, we could all use a little love. But I guess a little bit of enema would not hurt either. Balance uber alle 😉

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