It appears that Russia is in town. Judging by the weather and the stuff that keeps falling out of the skies. Today was like there`s an assault or something. Blitzkrieg. I fear to go to bed and wake up, seeing more snow to shovel. I should get an elephant and train him to piss on the snow, melting it. And with all the salt in its urine, nobody would have to walk around, trashing salt all over the streets and roads. A fool-proof plan.

I went out today, after a million years. Not out as in partying all night, but just out. Walking around in the daylight, instead of going to work in the morning and going home when dusk settles.

I was meeting a friend, presumably at three o`clock. When she was not there at three fifteen, I gave her a call, asking her where she was. She said we were meeting at five. We agreed on meeting at four. And eventually, she was right. We did say at five. I need a new memory card for my head. Nobody wants an idiot.

It was nice. We share four things. Cycling and photography. Movies and music. And laughing at people who own half a million worth of cycling equipment and five cents of muscles. And even her boyfriend looks OK enough (<-- note the dramatical triangle building).

Tweaked my blog some more. Maybe I should change the template all together, bring in categories and stuff. I don`t know. Nobody`s complaining so far so I guess I`ll keep the plans in the drawer for now. I did boxed the polls archive. Looks nicer now. I guess. Probably gonna do the same thing with the posts archive, as soon as there`s more than six of them. And I used this page to do it. Nifty.

And due to complaints, I am keeping this post short. Sort of. Practice makes perfect.

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