This text is a paraphrase of another text titled “How to date this cookie”. Due to the popular demand and current bored state of the author, we are publishing it here.

There are no good or bad ways to meet people. Crashing into someone`s car can be just as successful as asking someone out for a drink. Although the costs of a car repair can sometimes exceed the costs of a two drink minimum, only a slight difference remains.

There are of course places, where meeting people has a higher rate of success. For example, a bus stop almost always outranks a cemetary, although that remains to be a theory, never really applied in practice. Maybe cemetaries are popular meeting places for hot young babes, but no one bothers to check. And so those gorgeous blonde goddesses wander around amidst the tombstones, combing their golden locks and bitching about wax getting on their new gucci shoes.

Of course, active search is always the best way. Lurking in the shadows of the skycrapers, hiding on the buses in the back seats and staring at people as they walk on and off the bus can be very effective. Especially if you pick a busy route, one that is full of students, non-students and so-called students. Bumping into people and asking them if they did any charity work recently and then offering them to do a charity by taking you out for dinner is one of the most popular tacticts among young people, while the older, more experiences onces rely mostly on the “take me out or I`ll scream rape” tactic.

Passive search can be just as succesful, you just have to know to pick a spot. Standing in the middle of the highway passively, while cars are swishing by is bound to get some results. Eventhough the most feedback that you`ll get will be from six tons beasts breaking every bone in your body (the fact that is has a human name like toyota does not help you much), there are occasions where a living, breathing creature will walk up to you and strike. Will an individual strike a conversation or will an individual strike your face with a fist, is unknown and is based on an individual situation. Let just say that the odds are in favour with the fist.

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