Food is the prefered drug at the moment. My previous post started good but ended rather badly, so I promise I`ll try to do my best next time to keep the quality stable. I find it funny sometimes how an idea becomes silly if you think too much about it and don`t start realising it at the same time it pops up. I`m sure you had the same situation from time to time, where a certain idea became absurd after a certain period of time or after too much consideration. Well, I guess we (me and my sub-personalities) are gonna try and keep the story running. I`m thinking two more posts and it`ll be over.

I am also thinking about moving this blog completely off Blogger and establishing it on a third-party server. Not in the near future, still have to prepare everything for transport and make sure nothing falls off the truck but still…the idea is developing. I`m thinking of using WordPress software. Any pros or cons from any of you out there? And I am also thinking of moving my Blogger archives along with everything else. How big of a problem would that be?

Today`s second rant I am dedicating to this photo. The caption reads “Who owns the key to her heart?” and it`s an add for our version of the “Bachelorette”. Now check out where the lock is. Did I skipped biology classes or did they…erm…miss the heart?:) Maybe they are taking a de-tour?:)

The “Do you have what it takes?” will continue tomorrow, thanks to Baya (I`ll email you tomorrow with full details and screenshots) who blessed this blog with her comment. If only others would follow suit. And please, I need one more vote and then I`ll change the poll. It`s a tie right now.

It was a good day. Calm seas and clear horizont. Here`s to many more like this one. Reise, reise.

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