You know, sometimes I think that politicians ought to have a personal translator with them at all times, to translate the words into normal language. So that people would really get what the hell they are trying to say. Read this article if you will (slovene only). In it, the ministry for labour, family and social matters (sucky translation, M. if you have a better idea, please…) states that it will try to reverse the negative surplus of the population by modifying the tax system and blah blah blah. In the end, the minister is quoted saying “The results may not be visible at the beginning, maybe not even in the first mandate of the government, but we hope that the trend will eventually turn.

*pause for reconsideration*

The politically incorrect translation would be…

We are gonna throw tons of money into it, create four (or more) bullshit boards and committees for development and control of the situation, get a fat paycheck out of everything and call it quits by the end of the term, as we surely won`t be re-elected.

In comparison, it`s like me saying “There`s a ton of snow in front of the door. I am going to buy myself an expensive shovel, clothes and demand a pay check for my work and then stare intensively at the snow. I don`t expect that will make the snow go away by the end of the day, but eventually, we hope that it will melt/shovel by itself.”

Well, I guess we`ll see. I am already eyeballing the snow through my window, but no effect is visible. Will that be the case with the new government politics too?

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