I guess I should start by defining each category, giving them scope and borders, explaining what you will find, should you click on any of them. They will help limit and shorten the individual posts, since things were bunched up on Blogger. I tried to keep the number of categories low. Hoping I will make it and won`t have to make up new ones as I go along.

Starting from the top, there`s “Job-related” category. With it, I basicaly want to give myself a feeling of actually working instead of just goofing around and doing stuff I get money (or no money) for. And in it, I`ll describe things that happened or are happening in the “job” world, which will include my time on the faculty.

The next category called “Me, me, me” will be mostly about dolphins and their struggle to achive the ability to read Jane Austen novels. I am hoping Oprah Winfrey will pick up the idea and feature the category in her monthly book club, thus making this blog an all-time best-seller. Eat your heart our, Grisham. Drop dead, “what`s-her-name-anyway” Rowling.

The third from the top called “Photoblog” will feature my attempts of capturing life and death with the help of my digital Ixus 40 camera. This blog will feature only the successful attemps. If one wants to look at semi-failures, one should check out my pet gallery project.

The second-to-last “Rants” category will be mostly me telling you what a wonderful job people are doing, how happy am I to be here and just how perfect this world of ours really is. Flower power!

The last but not least category “Slovenija” will be about stuff that happens around me and I am not directly involved, still everybody think it`s a big deal. I cannot imagine why. But still…the rule of majority…can`t argue with them, right?

And that`s it. That was not so hard, was it?