I guess you gotta go with the flow. And when there`s an epidemic state of flu going around in your own country, it is your civil duty to participate…and get sick!

What better way to show solidarity with those who shared their germs with you for a whole week and asked nothing in return than to get sick yourself and feel that nice and hot sensation in your muscles all over your body, combined with a throat-ache and an upset stomach (although that last one could be due to the fact that I had no breakfast today).

It always sucks to be sick. At least for me. Seeing how I always have to do something, the sickness and the fever and sore muscles are not helping at all. And since your head feels all weird, you can`t even concentrate enough to do any “serious” work. And then you do silly things. Like taking photos. Of ducks. And some other things (if anyone is interested, send me an email).

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