This is a photo of a village idiot. He also happens to be one of the leading sports commentators in Slovenia, focusing mostly on nordic disciplines (skiing and ski-jumps). His style is unparallel. His voice no match for others. He is…the biggest asshole of them all.

Let`s face it, sport journalists are not the brightest pebbles on the beach anyhow. Among the journalists, they are usually treated as the “weakest” link. Their speech capabilities are weak, their vocabulary is shot to shit and they usually say obvious things, making it hard for the viewers to concentrate on the game.

But Andrej Stare takes the crown. Not only is he loud and obnoxious, he`s usually full of “interesting” data. Saying things like “There are some mistakes the jumpers cannot afford“, as if some mistakes are welcomed by jumpers and the jury. “Now he will jump the way he can“, as if he usually jumps in the way that is unknown to him. Or “One of the chinese guys is expelled…it˙s…POLONČIČ! (member of the slovene hockey team)”.

Someone really should kick the guy in the ass. He makes the matches unbearable to watch. Silence would be better.

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