It was actually not so bad. Not so bad at all.

I woke up way too early. I guess part of the reason being that I went to bed at half past nine. Sheesh. Like I`m ten or something. And eventhough I love to get up early cause I do most of my work in the morning, it sucks when there`s no work to be done. Like today. It pains me to see all that precious energy going away for nothing.

The third phase of blog movement is underway, but as always there are some glitches. We`ll see what we can do tomorrow, so far the moving was unsuccessful. Solely due to the fact that mysql database is a little…weird. And unless you want to wait in line, taking turns in reading these lines, then bare with me and hope for the best.

The day went by well enough, a little twitching of fever and the general weakness from the weekend illnes, but I am on my way to 100% health. Slowly but surely. Getting well too soon would not be half as fun as this is.

The blog template tweaks are almost at their end. Timestamp is working now, the blog title background image (my, what a title) is nice and all that and everything is developing nicely.

The lawyer however is not nice. I do not know who taught that woman manners but I think that she needs some lessons and fast. What is it with these people who come to our house as guests and then think they can boss everybody around and talk shit behind our backs? I know that blogging about it is not going to solve anything but still…I need an outlet.

Marilyn Manson on speakers all day. You ever get that? That you want to hear random power-noise that dulls out everything else and just keeps you focused? My ears started to complain a little and I guess I`ll have to change my tune tomorrow but it was worth it.

The oscars went by me this year. I`m just happy The Incredibles won. Other than that, I don`t care. Did not even see the Aviator or the Million dollar baby or the Finding neverland. I guess movies are not what they used to be.

The weather is changing and I hope that it does not snow again. I want to be finally able to get on my bike and start eating up the kilometers. Bike for your life!

Anyway, it was a fairly good day, a promise of good things to come, thanks to all of the good people out there who take care of me and may your goodness be repaid three times.

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