Terri kicks the bucket…

31.03.2005  •  Osebno0

and the countdown begins.

The blog`s been down yesterday. I blame the weather and crappy connection. Something came loose. Anyway, we`re back, stronger than ever (or something) so please don`t panic and enjoy the show.


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Terri Schiavo

29.03.2005  •  Osebno2

Anybody who does not know what this is about? Good. It is appaling in many ways. The way they are making it number one news. I mean seriously, there are millions of people dying all over the world and they are focusing on this one woman, who`s state hasn`t change for the last fifteen years.

Ah yes. Veni, vidi, vici..so to speak. We survived the EU comission visit, they had even less idea of what to look for than we had about what to show them. A perfect combination. And what`s with these students-like people showing off as a EU inspectors? I mean seriously, at least put some effort into

The rules are here. Play ball!

Every once in a while, stats analysis occur. Apart from being bored right now, waiting for the EU commission to waltz in and pass a verdict, I also find these facts amusing. And amusing things ought to be shared. In the current stats, most of the people found my blog through his. Runner up was