…is that you go home, take off your clothes, slip into something less formal and jump into bed, closing your eyes and going to sleep. In general…you rest.

What I did is I went to work, stayed there till three, and then walked home. Taking the long route. It was a good day. The skies were blue and clear (see the photo in my previous post) and not taking a piece of it and recording it would be a sin. So, seeing how I`ve sinned enough and I should make good every once in a while, I went home on foot, taking pictures along the way. Check the gallery for more or just wait and I`ll post some more of it in here.

The best part is that I got a “get well” wish from someone I know very little of (and vice versa, although she is one duck ahead of me, if you get my point) and that was nice. Someone remembered, without me having to call her first, breathing into the phone and sighing about how bored and sick I am. Although breathing into the phone and saying that you are sick might not get the right message through. But then again…what is the right message? That reminds me, I still have to write a sequel to the “Do you have what it takes?” post and finish it. But on the other hand, I don`t think nobody is interested in dating me so I guess there`s no rush.

The server problems continue, something has to be done about that. We`ll see if they get it right till tomorrow. We know who`s responsible!

That`s all for now, hope your day was as nice as mine and that you feel better than I do.

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