Now listen up.

We are announcing the opening of a sub-category on this blog called “Zanč tko slišm” which will feature the stupidities people say in public. This is the Slovene equivalent of the “In passing” and “Overheard in New York“.

The procedure
of posting is very simple.

You hear something stupid.
You remember it.
You send an email to zanctkoslism(AT) with the subject line “Stupidity
I publish it in here.
We all drink lemonade.
The end.

The rules:
It must happen on the territory of Slovenia.
It must be sent by email (no fidgeting with the comments)
It must be true (we can make up bullshit on our own)

Now go and make me proud.


The project “Zanč tko slišm” is co-run by Beebee and Cookie, where BeeBee provided the idea and now she`s looking pretty and smiles and Cookie does all the work.

Those quotes that have a general “stupid” aura, will be translated into english, but some will be here solely in Slovene language. Lost in translation.

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