Friggin cold!


I know that you probably heard it before and someplace else, but if you did not…it`s friggin` cold out here. And this is me talking…I even LIKE the cold.

But this is too much. The skies may be screaming and the weather may be clear but that just adds to the cold. Today is the first official day of the spring and we are breaking records in the lowest temperatures in this part of the world. Our current record is -24,3 degrees Celcius. Which qualifies as “Fucking cold!”. I wonder if my piss would turn into ice if I decided to take a leak outside. Something we`ll never know I guess.

Word of the wise: “Keep yourself warm and don`t lick any poles!

jokes about poles from poland are welcome.


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  1. maQmIgh

    I don’t want to swim the ocean,
    I don’t want to fight the tide,
    I don’t want to swim forever,
    When it’s cold I’d like to die.

    I don’t really think it’s the temperature… I’d like to die even when it’s hot sometimes.

    Ok, let’s be serious (and undead):
    – 2nd March is sooo not the official first day of spring… it’s not even an unofficial first day of spring, it also is definitely not the second, third or thirteenth day (officiall or unofficial) of spring. It might be the -18th or -19th day of spring (unofficial, ofcourse)… The first day of spring is the 20th or 21th March. This year, the vernal equinox falls on the 20th, so it’s 20th.
    – Therefore, it is still winter and the temperatures have the right to drop. Birds and flowers and nekkid ladies will have to wait a bit longer until they come out.
    – Your piss would not turn into ice. (proven by the Mythbusters in the special Holiday Myths episode), at least not before hitting the ground and freezing there for awhile… no icecubes for you.


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