The sun is screaming outside. The skies are screaming along with it. The blue color of the present and the future is slowly replacing the grey skies of the past. The skies that need to be torn so that sunshine will come again. It`s not like we`ve never been here before. Standing on the same spot, doing the same routine.

I was never good at saying goodbyes. I always saw either too little or too much of it, and then feeling blue on one hand or disappointed on the other.

The best thing for me was leaving. Letting everything behind. Going into the white, replacing past with the present and slowly handling it. He who controls the past, controls the future; he who controls the present, controls the past. Georgie said it best.

So here are the plans for the future…a very recent future since they`ll all be finished by tonight.

I need to cut my hair, if anybody would like a photoblog featurette out of it, let me know before three o`clock in the afternoon, I am going to answer some emails writen by the most beautiful people in the whole wide world, and then if I am up to it, I will take a stroll outside, maybe meet up with my ex-blogging mistress for some coffee. She always knows what to say.

I also have to get better till the eight of march, lecture and all. I think it`ll be fun. Seeing how people are calling in advance to let me know they are coming. Should be fun, since he and his friends are planning to rip me to shreds on the technical data part of the lecture. Fun, fun. I guess I`ll try my best to prevent that from happening too, although they have the advantage. Power lies in the questions.

What`s past is prologue (William Shakespeare).

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