You wake up yet you are asleep. Reality is coming in slowly, through the ears, the sounds of the surroundings tickling your membrane. There is actually just one sound that you hear, others are either too far away or too soft for your sleepy ear to pick it up at that moment. The “tick-tack” of the clock that is slowly eating away in the fabric of time, like scissors snipping silk-like fabric.

You open one eye, the other one pressed onto the pillow too hard for it to blink and a ray of light goes through your optic nerve and into your brain, sending a clear message “It`s

The whole room becomes visible now, as if you were pulled out from an entirely different universe called soma and you need a couple of seconds of readjusting. Clearing your mind and getting it to start working on this level. The level of reality.

The transformation does not always run smoothly and there are flashes of thoughts, fragments of surreal world invading on reality. Memories of things that never were and never will be, visions of fiction.

And all of the sudden, your mind is fighting itself, trying to separate the weed from the wheat, the truth from lies and illusions.

And you get scared.

You jump out of bed, pacing across the room, feeling the cool floor beneath your bare feet. Calming yourself down. Breathing. Trying to figure out where the hell those things came from. Who made them and who brought them into life. Who is in charge of them.

We found our enemy…it is us.

And then you change focus. You apply “the strategy”. You close the door on the bad things, their screams echoing in the air and slowly dying away as the door slam shut, and you open and face the doors leading to good things. Leading to peace and calm.

And you greet the new day.

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