Hi there.

We’ve never met, but I’m an occasional Canadian reader of your weblog,
inspired mostly by a Technorati RSS feed I have set up for search for

A long series of events has led me to decide that I should take my
small family (me, partner, 4-year-old) on a sort of “working vacation”
to Ljubljana this spring. The short version of the story is that I was
in the city for 24 hours last October en route to family in Croatia and
decided I had to return and spend more time. The slightly longer
version is that, as a web programmer, I can work pretty well anywhere
there is bandwidth, and Ljubljana seems as good a place as any!

To this end, I wonder if I can impose on you for advice.

We are thinking of spending around 30 days in Ljubljana this spring,
and as such are looking for an apartment or housekeeping unit to rent
for that period. We’ve found some leads on the web, but are having
some difficulty finding anything less than 80 euro/night, which, when
you are staying for a month, adds up to quite a bit, especially with
the low Canadian dollar.

Can you suggest good places for us to look (online, or otherwise) for
short-term apartment rental like this? And can you give me some idea
of what a regular month-by-month apartment rents for in the city so I
can have something to compare to?

I would appreciate any assistance you might offer.