…is the Babelfish translation of her comment.

And she got me thinking (like she always does).

Maybe there`s a communication misunderstanding. Between the things I say and how these things are perceived. Maybe I am giving the impression that I feel sorry for myself and that I am like Calimero, the little chicken who always complained and moaned about everything.

I am not going to say the truth is different because in reality there is no truth and we all interpret the things the way we see them. So let me just say that the way I see myself is a little different than an “old misery rag”.

Right now, in the present time, I actually feel that some things are ending and new things are beginning. That I am on the break of a new era. As if this “flu” is just an addition to my brain reseting and my point of view changing. And although it (again) sounds melo-dramatic and overblown, for nothing THAT serious has happened, I feel…renewed.

I did all the stuff I meant to do yesterday and my health is improving, the last man standing/hurting is my throat. Overdosing on honey at the moment.

The thing I meant with “walls closing in” is that being sick prevents me from doing stuff I want to do and that it would be best for me to just lie still and let it pass. And I was never good at waiting. At being able to calm my mind down and wait for my body to catch up with it.

The skies are screaming. The world awaits. Beauty. Orion beckons. Me.

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