One day after the flu/virus infection passed and you are feeling like yourself again yet you stay at home. Enjoying the last day of “rest”.

It snowed during the night, the streets are snowy again and the sound of shovels scraping the asphalt echoes in the air. The skies are cloudy and white-grey, the air full of snow-scent.

Weekend looks promising. No expectations. That`s the main reason. No plans, no agenda. No road to take. Freedom.

The thing I`ve been meaning to discuss is the SloBlogMeet 2005. I know it`s still early but I just want to get the thing going. Tossing some ideas around . Getting some feedback. Making a guest list 😉 Think location and time. And post in comments.

The music of the day is Screaming Jay Hawkins. Another one of those artists that make people go “Who?“. Think of the song “I put a spell on you”. You probably heard it sung by Marilyn Manson or Bete Midler, but the author is no other than Jay.

I wish I could do that. Just once. 😀

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