There has been some comments and even whole posts about why do people love Star Wars. I guess I am here to explain that. I cannot speak for others, this is only my opinion, but I think others will agree. At least with some parts.

First of all, a lot of people think that due to the fact that the Star Wars trilogy is happening in space with a lot of space ships and aliens running and flying and frolicking around, that it is a science fiction movie. First mistake. It`s like saying just because “Troy” is happening in the past that it is for that fact a historical movie. Star wars are an adventure. A road-movie even. The science-fiction part applies as much as it does in other movies where people survive a ten-feet fall or fight and don`t even break skin.

Second, Star Wars have a pretty good and simple story line. Not like Star Trek or other space series where you can see that after the first thousand episodes and spin-off series the creators and the plagiators lost their breath (which is kinda stupid, since space is infinitive, right?), Star Wars spans over three parts, it tells a story and then dies (I do not and will not even consider the last two (and one in the making) parts to be in any way associated with the REAL Star Wars).

Third, Star Wars has one of the best music scores written for the movie screen, in fact, the Star Wars trilogy soundtracks are a definition of a soundtrack. John Williams really knows what he`s doing.

Fourth, “May the force be with you” sounds so much better than “Live long and prosper”.

Fifth, the costumes and the scenes are impressive. Very impressive. And even though the first three parts were filmed in the eighties, they still look good.

Any others?

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