My muscles hurt. That`s a good thing. It just means that I did not leave the house for a week and that my legs are going “What`s with all the walking, man?

It`s funny how the murphy law applies the second you let your guard down and forget your camera at home. Actually, I did not forget it, I left it at home thinking I won`t be doing any photography today. And the second I left the house, potential photos started flashing in front of my eyes.

First there were these two little kids, holding hands, all wrapped up in their “protective armour”, walking the path. Then there was the city hall, all wrapped up in banners and flags, celebrating 500 years of mayors of Ljubljana. Then there was the river of Ljubljanica, all shiny and nice…but on the other hand, I got enough photos of Ljubljana as it is. Time to expand the horizons and to widen the selection.

Mrwica says hi, said that every time she sees me I`m in a different mood. And I am expressing that with leaning forward if sad or leaning backwards if happy. Must remember to lean backwards at all times from now on.

Other than that, the day`s been pretty calm and relaxed, with just enough happening to not call it completely boring. In fact…it was good. And another good side of it is that it did not snow. Yey. Biking is just around the corner.

And on the quiet side…new review on “Meni se zdi…” (slovene only).

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