It`s funny how some days feel good. How the world seems to move in harmony with your soul and mind and how every single thing fits. Like cogs in a machine. And the machine works. Like clockwork.

There`s this quote, a conclusive narration actually, from the Shawshank redemption that every once in a while comes to my mind. It`s so funny because it can be interpreted as something good or as something bad. As something dark and omnious or as something bright and hopeful. It all depends from where you are standing. From your point of view on the matters. Of life. Of love. Of everything.

Hope can drive a man insane” but on the other hand “hope is the only place that they can never lock away

Two sides of the coin. But are we really talking about the same coin?

The problem is not in hope itself. Hope is something good, because it enables you to focus. It enables you to desire things, to wish for them and to dedicate yourself to them. It represents the goal. However, a goal all by itself does not mean shit. A goal is a just a dot on the map of life. A goal is not a road that leads to it.

I was never the daring type. I always checked and re-checked things and situations, thinking that the probability of succes would be higher. That the luck will be on my side. “Luck favoures the prepared” goes the saying.

The problem with that is that in reality there is no luck. People are not born under a lucky or unlucky star. There is no such thing as good fortune or bad fortune. There is just the difference between doing something and hoping for something to happen. Between looking up the tree and waiting for the apple to fall and shaking the tree. I said shaking, not cutting it down with a chainsaw and dragging it home, locking it up in the closet.

I know that all of this is common knowledge and I can see Novala (and probably others too) rolling their eyes while reading this, thinking that I am “rediscovering warm water” but this is just…thinking out loud. Looking back and seeing that history holds a message.

Fear is the mind killer“. It`s funny how many things you can learn from reading books. Both King and Herbert are correct and to the point on that matter. Eventhough they do operate in a (science) fiction genre.

I think I`ll stop being afraid. Of things that might happen. I had a mantra once. It went something like… “If you worry about a thing before anything happens…it`s pointless. Why worry if nothing has happened yet. If you worry after something happened. it`s pointless. Why worry if something is already done? And if you worry while something is`s pointless too. Because you are missing out on a thing.

Feel free to use it yourself. Just tell them where you got it.

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