Not very creative of the title but I think “Feel loved” would sound a little too much. Still, it wouldn`t be far from the truth.

I survived the lawyer attack this morning, she was actually quite nice, all things considering. Of course, she did not manage to say something stupid. This morning she told me she wants Open office AND Microsoft office on her newly installed laptop. Sheesh. It`s like…no. I cannot think of a stupid enough comparison for that. It`s almost like …no. Sorry. No go. Only lawyers can create something so stupid.

It`s wonderful to see the spring finally coming. Not by the melting of the snow, there`s plenty of that to even export it, but with the longer daylight periods. I almost got home in daylight. And the funny thing is, there`s this park in the city, all covered in snow and with the lights from new year`s eve still haging and turned on and it looked so funny, almost as if the whole square was in some other time-space dimension.

The band of the day is Depeche mode.

And now for a little PR…if you`re not doing anything tomorrow night, drop to the cyberpipe at seven o`clock p.m. and hear my lecture about blogs. Laugh with me or at me. Either way, works for me.

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