I went to work a little early today, had to pay a bill that turned out was already paid. Heh. Fine with me.

Paying the bill meant taking a little different route than usual, having to stop by at the post office and I took a walk through the city. The soundtrack of the day is Depeche mode. Exciter. Full-on!

No laywer in sight yet, probably cause it`s not ten o`clock yet so right now I am enjoying my peaceful morning, thinking about getting my ass up and making myself some tea.

Ze germanz are back! Yey. Will wait a while and then give them to you (blogrolling them).

I hope the american and his canadian buddy did not skip town already, since I`ve been sick for a week and out of the office. And on the other hand I hope the lawyer chick did skip town. But let`s be realistic. Hehe.

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