I should blog more yesterday but I guess there was no time. Sometimes you blog about life. Sometimes you live life.

The lecture was a success (and I really mean that, although I always say that when I am giving it…I mean seriously…you expect me to shit in my own yard?). There were tons of people, more than usual and some of them were completely unknown to me (cause usually you get the friends and the members of the family sitting in to fill the space).

The lecture was planned to last for an hour, but in the end the whole thing took two hours. I think I left my voice somewhere in that place so please, if anybody spots a charming male voice, bring it back to me. Thanks.

All in all a success and I am seriously thinking of expanding the lecture and writing a paper on blogs. There was a girl in the audience who is doing her degree about blogging and I offered my help. If she is reading this…you know how to find me.

On a more personal note…erm. No. Not yet. I think I`ll smile for a little bit longer and keep you guessing.

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