If I would be lord Farquad from “Shrek” cartoon I would probably clap my hands and mumble “This is precious…“.

It`s like this. The slovenian market of telecommunications is managed by three companies. Mobitel, Simobil and Vega. Mobitel is a company of the state, Simobil is Vodafone under cover and Vega is Western Wireless International.

Vega came in last and because americans are being cheap bastards as usually, they did not bother setting up their own network but made a deal with the Mobitel so that they can use the existing grid (in return for a fee, of course). After a while, they realised that the business is not doing so well and that they are losing a ton of money because the Mobitel and Simobil already took the majority of the clients and Vega was left with little to none. Plus the phones were cheap and unattractive and nobody wanted to change their provider. So what did Vega do? Well, they went to war. Specifically, they sued the Mobitel/the state for not enabling them “proper” working conditions and moaned about monopoly.

*pause for reconsideration*

This seems to me like a thing only ze amerikans are capable of doing. Going to a party, and when nobody picks them up and wants to dance with them they threaten to trash the place apart.

If I was in charge of this debacle, I would tell the americans to get stuffed. Of course, our right-wing, brown-assed government will not take the ass…sorry…americans to the court, not because they are not confident about winning the case, but simply because things like these are not “done this way“.

Ahem. Right.

I am sending this picture to the ministry of economy.

On the same note, the same minister endorsed the software patents which are going to do wonders to our economy. Wonders I tell you. Microsoft, we are even more micro and more soft than you. Another reason to change my citizenship.

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