Sunny sunday


Little more on ze germanz invasion yesterday. I was dead tired and I think I should tell you that I did in fact gave them the royal tour of Ljubljana, highlighting every possible…erm…highlight, except for the castle, for obvious reasons. But all in all, I think that I did not make a fool of myself like the last time a foreign person asked me what is there to see in Ljubljana and I told him to go to the movies. I know. Please laugh in comments. Oh, and the theme for the whole invasion would be “Yes, but in summer…

Went for a walk this morning, realised that there is still quite a lot of snow everywhere. So much for taking my bike out any time soon. But walking is just as fun.

The weather cleared. Thank god for that. Now all we have to do is wait for the mud to settle in and we`ll be home free.


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  1. novala

    But in summer …

    Ähm, ok. 🙂 We saw this movie about LJ danes na gradu, ves. Zelo zanimivo! In potem smo jedli Kremschnitte in pili bele kave. Ja ja …
    I later realized how many Germans there were. Geez.

    I took “itak” home with me. Nice word and easy to remember. One of the few. I mean – compared to zelezniska postaja.

    Hvala again for the guided tour.


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