I went to the italian embassy this morning, dropped off some papers for the lawyer. Took me a while to find the entrance. They have these big sliding doors and the label says “Entrance around the back“. I circled the building two times before I found a small door, like something out of the hobit land.

This day took an odd turn. I went to a funeral. It was reasonably OK. And by OK I mean that I came through without any major trauma. It always kills me to see people cry. I usually cry cause of the living. Not cause of the dead. And it`s so funny how everybody get together just cause of the funeral. I think we should establish a sociology term for that. People who only meet at funerals.

The sun was blazing today, almost felt like a real spring. Sun, warmth…ahhh, I could get used to that. There is nothing like the feeling (almost nothing like it, I want to keep some feelings private for a while. If you really want to know, use your imagination) of walking in the sun, feeling the rays tickle your face while your heart is beating in the rhythm of Her name (Luckily, Baya matches the rhythm of a normal heart-beat, otherwise I`d get an arrhythmia).

Another notice…the piece about blogs aired today. Half an hour ago. For those of you who missed the state-of-the-art piece, you can either go here and hope that the stream works or you can watch the rerun tomorrow in the afternoon.

Life is good.

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