It`s has become a practice in our part of the world that people who are unhappy with something or somebody threaten to blow themselves up. Usually using methane gas as the propellant. Note the word threaten. Nobody actually does it.

Take this news for example. For English speakers, it basically tells a story about how the news agency got an email with only one line “Explosion at 8.30 at Celovška road 142” and how they at first did not know if it was a threat or a typo. Exuse me? A typo? Yeah, you know…it happens. You wanna say I am going to get a glass of milk and it comes out Explosion at 8.30. Sure. It can happen. We`ve all been there. It`s called communication break-down.

Usually these people are not serious. Anybody walking around telling you he or she is going to kill themselves are bluffing. They only want the people to interact with them and to talk with them. The real suiciders just do it. No attention, no focus. Which is why the suicide is so hard to rationalize. Those who say that they are going to do it, don`t. Those you don`t tell you anything, do. And they leave you out of their loop.

What they should do with these kinds of attention seekers is to cement their feet into the ground in the park and make a living statue out of them. Everybody wins. You got assholes in one place and the birds have a place to shit. And they get all the attention needed. Case solved.

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