I know this sounds like a commercial but I managed to get tickets and I am very interested in hearing his lecture.

I first met Chomsky when I was travelling to Koper with my TV crew, doing a piece on linux conference. There was this camera man, Slobodan Lubarda, god rest his soul, who was even more born of a talked than I am (supposedly). And we talked, mostly about politics, the world…to make time pass. And since we drove there and back together, I got an earfull of Chomsky, his theories and his critics. He brought up such great interest in me that upon my return, I went to the bookstore and bought this.

It discusses the situation in the Middle East, the Palestinians and the Israelis and how the whole situation is more than “just” a conflict between who owns what. If you want to get into it, I heartly recommend it. This or his other book “Year 501” which talks about American political and cultural global expansion are great starters.

Although he tends to get a bit repeatitve, I still like his style and the way he writes. Maybe it bothers me sometimes cause he is very scarce at stating his sources, but he still makes an interesting point.

He is also renowed by his language theory, which radicalized the way we see language and the way it developes. Interesting stuff.

That is all. I`m gonna go smile like an idiot.

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