Nick Cave never sounded so good. Maybe I am hearing it the right way for the first time or maybe something else/someone else had something to do with that fact. I know I sound cryptic as usual, but right now, I feel like floating on air. I cannot stop smiling, it`s like everywhere I go and everything I do, there`s always this feeling of…undescribable. Words are a poor medium for the matters of the soul. They lack the depth and the intensity of the feelings.

Maybe the stars are in the righ aligment. Maybe it`s spring. The earth awakes once again and everything is brought back to life. Maybe it`s the turning of a new leaf in life, a leaf that lasted for almost two years. Maybe it`s the love I feel for Baya. Or maybe it`s all blended in together. Maybe now I found the way. The right way to do things, to see the world, to see myself.

It`s what life is all about. Simple as that.

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