It`s amazing how everything good starts on B, isn`t it?:)

I`ve managed to get lost on the way there, backtracking a little. The weather was nice so I did not mind. The traffic was also light, scarce of those assholes who think that bikes don`t belong onto the road.

Despite the most hideous biking aparrel imaginable (think ugly…then take three steps forward and you can see it, rising on the horizon) and that fact that according to this, I had no idea what I was getting into, I think it went pretty good for the first time. You don`t get invited to sunday lunch by a total stranger every day, right?

And since I usually had problems with parents of my girlfriends, the whole event comes off even greater than normally. Here`s to many days like this one.

I am still annoyed by the Chomsky ordeal. It sucks. I think I`ll write a nice-fuck-off letter. Just for the kick of it. The even bigger irony is that Chomsky is against elitism and class segregation, while the Faculty of Philosophy did exactly that. My bet is that the auditorium is going to be filled with “elite”, people who have no idea what Chomsky is about, but just want to show-off themselves, while the scholars and students are going to listen and look at the stream of the lecture which will be broadcasted outside. Assholes.

As a symbol of my discontent with such arrogant behaviour me and Baya decided to stage our own Chomsky lecture. So on the exact same day, we`ll read to each other (or I`ll read and she`ll giggle at the thought of my bike shorts) the selected essays of Noam Chomsky. Screw those amateurs. If the weather will permit, we`ll do an open-air session. Feel free to drop by.

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