Oh yeah, we have them too. The media awards I mean. We give them out every year, to those who made the most impact on the media scene. Which is the biggest bullshit ever.

The thing is, the slovene media space is so small, that you cannot make any comparisons at all. There is no good and bad. Everybody who gets into the spotlight, gets an award. The trick is, these are the same people. Over and over and over and… again. It`s like seeing a re-run every year. For god sakes, Slovenia only has 2 major TV stations. What the fuck is the point?

The people of Slovenia hate changes. They hate new stuff. If it was up to them, we`d still be seeing shows from twenty years ago. It`s not so much that they were good or better than the new stuff, it`s the concept of change. Once you ram the new stuff down their throat, they do like it. Media sheeps. Can you say “baaaaaa”?

It`s almost like in Yugoslavia. Life-time winners. No matter what they actually do.

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