You go to bed happy and you wake up happy. You are happy. The whole time. Baya and myself agree that this is scary. In a nice “I never thought it would come true” kinda way.

We went to the sea-side today. The idea came in the morning, the best time for good ideas. You then have the whole day in front of you to make it happen. And we did. The ride took us under an hour and a half in one direction. Destination: The shores of the Adriatic sea!

The weather played along a little, we got there at noon, greeted by some light clouds. Took a stroll around Koper, Baya being excited about seeing the sea for the first time this year. There were also no winds and the whole thing felt good.

We went to see my grandparents, dropping in unexpectedly. The whole visit went pretty good. (it better, if we are planning on spending this summer there).

Drove back, a little tired, Baya sleeping and smiling. I just love the way she smiles. It`s like her whole face, from forehead to her chin, is radiating.

Did not go to work today. I went yesterday and with the workshop in progress there was nothing I could do. Just hanging there, walking around, feeling bored. We`ll see if they missed me today.

My mind is buzzing with impressions of today. My heart is calm. Green light. Green light.

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