I don`t like them. They insult my intelligence. Especially the ones which advertise consumer products like food and such. On my way to work this morning I saw a poster that advertises yoghurts and it said “Nazarensko dobri” (there`s no translation, but it basically means “heavenly good”) . The word “Nazarensko” has something to do with the city of Nazareth and Jesus Christ and Bible and all that jazz and I wonder if this is in any relation with our current right-wing government.

It`s not the biblical connotation that bothers me, but the choice of word itself. It`s a historicism, a word that has a better, modern word to replace it. The word “nazarensko” is used mostly in literature to emphasis the time of the happening (ha! still have it!) or in a conversation with old people, who stick to it. The commercials on the other hand are suppose to be short and to the point, getting the message through quickly, without the reader having to actually think about what does “nazarensko” mean.

Although it`s nice to keep the culture and history alive and going, I think that the authors used the word just for the sake of it. Maybe they thought they were being funny.

Maybe they should think again. In my opinion, that commercial does not work. Unless they are targeting elder audience only.

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