PC post with a twist


The PC stands for politically correct. Don` want to piss off the majority of the people in Slovenia, who are having a blast right now, celebrating Easter and all. I will not ruin their good will, their enthusiasm and all.

However, I do have one question, which is not mine (Robin Williams Live on Broadway 2002):

How do you get from a semi-naked guy dying on a cross to chocolate bunnies?

Peace and happy holiday!


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  1. marbit

    If you like comedy you should download his earlier work (when he was still on cocaine)… there are shows from 1972 and 1988 on emule….
    I also recommend that you download: Bill Maher, Victory Begins at Home

  2. Anya

    we all know what easter is about…and we also know what xmas is about…the rising and the death, we celebrate both with no difference! chocholate bunnies and gifts! gifts 4 the death and bunnies 4 the risnig…humans…what can you do! good question thou

  3. maQmIgh

    It’s not about. It’s for. For people who have crap to sell to other people.

    What’s with the bloody bunnies laying fucking eggs? And If bunnies lay eggs, what’s with millions of ugly yellow pieces of fluff pretending to be freshly hatched chicks in the shops. If a rabbit lays an egg, I expect a rabbit to come out when the shell cracks open. Not a chicken?! (Okay, at least it’s not a fucking walking turtle that talks, walks, like turtles don’t, rides horses and saves xmasses!? Whew!)
    This is disgusting. Naked people on crosses, cocks doing rabbits… walking rabbits who save Easter (and Xmas, while they’re at it…) eeeeeew!

    Vegetarians on tv tell us we shouldn’t eat ham and such. Because it is not natural! The Nature isn’t natural anymore… bloody idiots. I bet if vegetarians were to crucify Christ, they’d do it the natural way… Tie him to the cross with vines, and stuff cabbage and tofu into him until he died, and on the third day, Jesus would rise and turn water – not into wine, as he supposedly did once, but – herbicides. I wish they had worms in their soya beans…

    But you can’t really do anything.
    Dogma, anyone?


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