Every once in a while, stats analysis occur. Apart from being bored right now, waiting for the EU commission to waltz in and pass a verdict, I also find these facts amusing. And amusing things ought to be shared.

In the current stats, most of the people found my blog through his. Runner up was her blog and third place belong to him.

Query words for my blog are predictable. Cocks. Round the c(l)ock. And then some.

More precisely – cock hard, 12′ cock, snake cocks, raging cock, hypercock, james cock, one flew over the cockos nest

And a little word of the wise…snake actually have two penises. Read all about it here.

The majority of the readers are from Slovenia, followed by USA and Austria. The most remote country in which my blog is being read is Bahrain. And he/she found my blog through the “James Cock” query in Google.

Good news everybody…the winning browser that people use to access this blog is Firefox! Thank god. The Explorer does not know its own ass from its face. Windows reign supreme, as does the 1024*768 screen resolution.

And the last but not least, most of the people stay on the site for a duration from 30 seconds to five minutes. Total “returning visitors” count is 20.

That is all. Resume the usual broadcast.

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