Anybody who does not know what this is about?


It is appaling in many ways. The way they are making it number one news. I mean seriously, there are millions of people dying all over the world and they are focusing on this one woman, who`s state hasn`t change for the last fifteen years.

The public is roaring.

Let her live! Let God take care of her! Pull her off life-support! are the screams that echo in the media space and blogosphere.

Again, the media managed to turn a nobody into a hero. A saviour. A million dollar baby.

What`s the point? What difference does it make if she lives or not? If she remains in her comatose-like state, being incapacitated, just taking in and not giving out?

Before you jump the gun and start flaming this blog, accusing me of being a murderer, stop and think about it a little.

It`s so funny, reading opinions from different people about the case.

The whole thing turned into a battle of ideology long ago. Terri does not matter anymore. We got ourselves a front. With cannons blazing on both sides. Does not matter what happens to Terri now, the battle is on and the peace is far away. That`s what always happens. Reality turns to ideology. Practice turns to theory. There is always a bigger fish.

My own opinion on the matter? I have none. I just think it`s sick the way people everywhere get hyped up by the media. How the rationale flies out of the window and everywhere you look, there`s a roaring mass. Which in most cases does not even know what the whole thing is about. They just want to scream. SAVE! or KILL! Simple words. Fit very well on a poster or a t-shirt. And Terri becomes another T-Shirt incident nobody will remember a year from now.

Letting go is the hardest part. Now let`s see what else is on…

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