Terri Schiavo


Anybody who does not know what this is about?


It is appaling in many ways. The way they are making it number one news. I mean seriously, there are millions of people dying all over the world and they are focusing on this one woman, who`s state hasn`t change for the last fifteen years.

The public is roaring.

Let her live! Let God take care of her! Pull her off life-support! are the screams that echo in the media space and blogosphere.

Again, the media managed to turn a nobody into a hero. A saviour. A million dollar baby.

What`s the point? What difference does it make if she lives or not? If she remains in her comatose-like state, being incapacitated, just taking in and not giving out?

Before you jump the gun and start flaming this blog, accusing me of being a murderer, stop and think about it a little.

It`s so funny, reading opinions from different people about the case.

The whole thing turned into a battle of ideology long ago. Terri does not matter anymore. We got ourselves a front. With cannons blazing on both sides. Does not matter what happens to Terri now, the battle is on and the peace is far away. That`s what always happens. Reality turns to ideology. Practice turns to theory. There is always a bigger fish.

My own opinion on the matter? I have none. I just think it`s sick the way people everywhere get hyped up by the media. How the rationale flies out of the window and everywhere you look, there`s a roaring mass. Which in most cases does not even know what the whole thing is about. They just want to scream. SAVE! or KILL! Simple words. Fit very well on a poster or a t-shirt. And Terri becomes another T-Shirt incident nobody will remember a year from now.

Letting go is the hardest part. Now let`s see what else is on…

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2 komentarjev na “Terri Schiavo

  1. maQmIgh

    If medicine wouldn’t intervene in the first place, god would already have taken care of it.

    That’s my opinion.

    And once again… in ancient Egypt, the average life expectancy was half of what we have here now… Life was simple, people were born, pushed some granite around to make the pharaoh happy. There were snakes, crocodiles and hippos killing the unwary. The wary died at 40, and didn’t even have time to have problems we puzzle our minds with today. Life was simple. Then came medicine. And when I explain this to my mother she goes: “Oh, so you want me dead?” Blah.

    I guess god loves us more now. Fuck him.

  2. novala

    We have always had medicine. When people were bleeding in Pharao’s ages, somebody tried to dress the wounds. When someone had a fever they probably tried to cool the body down. You can still die from a simple flue in Austria. But a doctor comes to give us antibiotics. The question is where do we have the right to kill somebody. Where to draw the line …


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