Size or skill?

04.03.2005  •  Osebno2

Nekdo v telovadnici: “Size sicer doesn’t matter, ampak looks impressive.” — A guy at the gym: “Size does not matter, but it looks impressive”

I ate pineapple. I got pills for my throat. I talked to her and her. I feel my strenghts are coming back. I cut my own hair and managed not to screw it up too royaly. I took a nap in the afternoon. 🙂 Bloody hell! I am making another subcategory out of this! Thanks

Hi there. We’ve never met, but I’m an occasional Canadian reader of your weblog, inspired mostly by a Technorati RSS feed I have set up for search for “Ljubljana”. A long series of events has led me to decide that I should take my small family (me, partner, 4-year-old) on a sort of “working vacation”

We`re coming back on-line. Body and soul alles inkluziv. Phase three of the illness, where you have to stay at home for one final day, perfectly healthy, just “not quite there yet“. Come to think of it, this is the usual procedure. Crashing for a week and then me and flues and viruses alike are

Five calls. Five assholes. One “silent mode” Somethings money cannot buy.

…is the Babelfish translation of her comment. And she got me thinking (like she always does). Maybe there`s a communication misunderstanding. Between the things I say and how these things are perceived. Maybe I am giving the impression that I feel sorry for myself and that I am like Calimero, the little chicken who always

They obviously do not understand the concept of being sick and not being at the office because of it and at the same time not wanting to be bothered with office stuff. Thank god for silent mode on my phone. Not even gonna hear her out since there is absolutely nothing I can, will or

Hunger strikes

02.03.2005  •  Osebno0

I don`t get that. Hunger strikes. You protest by not eating? Hm. So the poor people are protesting every day? By the hour? It sickens me everytime I hear somebody going on a hunger strike for a cause. What cause, you dumb fuck? Use your brain and do something more meaningful instead of saying “I`m