Street into the…

02.03.2005  •  Osebno0

You wake up yet you are asleep. Reality is coming in slowly, through the ears, the sounds of the surroundings tickling your membrane. There is actually just one sound that you hear, others are either too far away or too soft for your sleepy ear to pick it up at that moment. The “tick-tack” of

…is that you go home, take off your clothes, slip into something less formal and jump into bed, closing your eyes and going to sleep. In general…you rest. What I did is I went to work, stayed there till three, and then walked home. Taking the long route. It was a good day. The skies


•  Osebno2

does not stop treating me the way she does…I am leaving this office for good. The end.

Blah. This is not working. The hero-playing part. I should be at home. Lying in bed, feeling sorry for myself, getting better with a help of tea, fruit and drugs. Instead, I am here, doing little to nothing, just keeping the boat afloat. And feeling sick. And I took this test found through her blog.

I am (finally) glad to report that my blog is now fully operational, the transformation has been completed and now I am the true master…ahem…sorry…too much Star wars. Anyway, the server switch succeded, the speed should increase dramatically and everybody are happy. Powered by Ljudmila. That is all.