Title is in no connection with the following text. I just felt like typing those three words…

So, we move yet into another month, the summer is getting closer and closer (*wink*wink*, Novala) and this good feeling just won`t go away. Not that I want that, it`s just so funny. But then again, if the bad feeling stuck around for many years, I think the good is entitled to some sticking around too.

Went to a performance yesterday. Low class. High fun. I think the lady leading the whole thing was drunk. Or seriously nervous. And drunk. Either way…drunk. Get it? She smiled with that “my mouth are having a cramp, could please somebody shock me with a 220V to relax my muscles a little?” smile, she swallowed words and on the other hand said too many of them. Had a lot of fun. Very hard to keep a straight face sitting in the first row. Ah well… I also made a nifty photo, gonna post it as soon as I come home and photoshop it a little (this is more of a personal note to myself so I won`t forget).

The pope is dying. And again, they are making it look like a chess game. Reporting on a two seconds interval. Sheesh. Where are the people manners? I am an atheist, but this is not even about religion. This is about a great man dying and people are buzzing around him like flies, asking “You there yet?” And really, do we have to know everything? Maybe it`s just me, but I would rather have news in style of “pope is sick – pope is worse/better – pope made it/died” instead of this football-game style reporting.

April fools day passed, here are some of the jokes the media pulled.


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