Ah well. At least it`s sunny and I am meeting Baya in two hours. The weekend was ok, I got a good dose of sleep and right now I am glancing through the window while Calexico are singing about being or going “Across the wire”.

It`s so funny how some days this work feels like a totally wrong place to be. Feeling restless. Chasing my tail.

I am also thinking of moving my DVD review site to this blog and make another category. Or just cancel it altogether and post smaller snipets about certain dvds that I watched. Blogger is getting slow and nobody really reads that…does it? I know that this is not the right to do it, asking for a popular demand, but still…for now the whole thing is suspended and I`ll see what I`ll do. Actually I`ll do and then see what I did but you get the picture.

The second thing I noticed is that this is slowly turning into a photoblog-only blog (hm, redundancy at work). Will take a walk through the city and find something to write about. The past few days were mostly about eating or about cuddling with Baya. And my guess is you don`t want to know too much about that. Or do you? Goddamn voyeurs!

Another freaky thing…people are flocking to Rome to see the dead body of the pope. Erm…why exactly is that? He`s dead. He`s no more. He`s probably laughing from wherever the dead popes laugh at the living and enjoying their well deserved rest. And there are people who want to see his bones. And his pale yellow skin. Sheesh. I never did get the ritual of funeral. I have to side with my grand mother who said she wants to be burned and scattered over the sea. I think I`ll write something similar in my will. No grave. No tombstone. Just the sea. Fish food. Either that or give my body to science of medicine to learn from it. (Incidentaly, I went to a gas station couple of days back with Baya and while she was paying for the gas I saw an “organ donour” card in her purse. And it just…)

I`ve been planning to do a similar thing for almost a year. Sign myself into a donour database, donate blood on a regular basis and apply for bone marrow donation. And I will. My mission for this year. Hopefully it`ll be completed sooner.

Strange topic for such a bright and sunny day, but here we are. Death and the culture of dying. Our culture has some serious issues with death. Scared of it. Running away from it. Not being willing to admit its existence. Not being willing to take Death into the account. Take it into the eternal equation of life. Praying and wanting to escape death. Trying to outrun it. And never realising that it`s not chasing us. It`s stands completely still. And we run towards it. No matter which way we actually run. Biology at its finest.

In other news…White stripes and Calexico DVDs. Rock around the clock. Funny story concerning both. The first store which usually has the most DVDs I buy had both tagged at 5.799 SIT (24 euros). But when I got there, they did not have them in stock. So I went across the street and into another store which has usually crappy selection and dumb salesmen who know only Siddharta and Big foot mama. And they had them. Both. For almost half the price. So instead of spending 48 I spent 34 euros. Victory!

And now…up, up, up and away, into the light and into the day!

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