First of all, people don`t know how to drive their cars. For real. It`s like just cause they are sitting in 2+ tons of steel, they have the upper hand on everybody else. Screw the law! I`m going to hit that biker while looking at him and talking on my cell phone. Assholette! And what is it with people who walk on the lane, reserved for bikers? For pete`s sake! You have your own pavement! Use it! Sometimes I wish bikes would come with a gun rack. Or a spoiler. So they would bounce off.

But anyway, the biking experience is one of zen and calmness, eventhough sometimes you want to slap somebody around for a couple of minutes. I mean seriously, on a day like this (see photo below), there`s nothing else but calm.

I managed to find Domžale in my first try, not like the last time when I missed the route completely and had to back-track for 10 km.

We went for some ice-cream, laughed at my biking outfit which was even more hideous (yes, it is possible and no, I did not take any photos of it. The camera refused to focus) than last time and enjoyed a beautiful day and a sky like this.

The way back is always tricky. Maybe because you are just going back, seeing nothing new, just re-taking the steps, maybe because you are tired or a little bit of both. Again, you meet people who apparently got their driving licence by giving a blow job to the entire panel of driving judges. You meet fellow-bikers who make half-eights on the biker`s lane (wtf is that all about? drive straight!) and you see the sun setting, which makes up for a near-hit (no, not a near-miss, some asholette nearly hit me, so it`s a near-hit).

And all is well.

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