The title of this post is in no way related with the body text. Right now only two persons know what that is all about and I bet the other one will smile as soon as she reads it.

It seems that lately I am using my home only as a pit stop, drive-in-change-my-pants-drink-some-juice-and-be-on-my-way kinda thing. That`s what I did yesterday, coming home from the party, changing my apparel and then taking a train to Baya. A train. A real one. Old one too. It was nice. Why is it that buses are not even half as fun as trains and yet at the same time cost almost double? I know…it`s the gas and the maintainance costs. But still…buses are usually full of nervous people, who carry five tons of food with them (if a woman) or stink and/or talk to themselves (if a man). Trains are comfy, warm and reasonably safe. Not like buses, who are usually operated by people who listen to Atomik harmonik and hum the tune. Not a very safe bunch of people, if you get my grip. So train vs. bus I choose train any time.

The reason I took the train is cause I wanted to take my bike home. I left it here the last time and yesterday it looked like the weather is going to hold.

It did not.

I don`t mind rain, it gives you even more reasons not to leave the house/room/bed. Which on the other hand does not mean a lot since Baya went to work and I am thinking about what to do till she comes back. Maybe if it stops raining I could go take a walk. Otherwise, you`ll be stuck with me overblogging my ass off today. I`ve been slacking lately anyhow…don`t want to lose the title Sir PostALot.

The pope is finally where the dead popes lie and the machinery of publicity is on the roll. They are issuing a DVD with his biography. Hm. Let`s pause for a moment. Why in the world would anybody want to watch that? Are there any easter eggs hidden on the DVD? And isn`t it that funny, considering the content of the DVD? Does that mean that when you find it, a literal egg falls out? One can only wonder.

The camel and the horse are getting married. Isnt`t it funny? I wonder what their children would be like? And on the other hand…they`re too old for making babies anyway. Thank blog for that!

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