So funny when it happens. The connection goes down. And being in a company that works mostly by means of the internet, it means that you have to do something else. In this case, it meant cleaning the fish-tank, running around, gopher style, and doing stuff like listening to people bitching at the photo-copying office and then buying drugs for fish. Which will in the end cost us more than it would cost us to get a new set but here we are. Fish are friends, not food!

Anyway, back to the internet black-out that we`ve been having today (and hopefully it will shine again tomorrow morning). It`s almost like losing your phone. Nothing works, computers lose half of their interest and you find yourself wandering around, doing little to nothing. Ah well, at least we had time to start curing the fish and doing stuff that require walking and face2face interaction.

It`s been raining all day, crappy april weather. I took a walk through the city, watching their faces. People looked very tired and bored. Maybe their internet was down too 😉

I also got a book in review, which means that I know what I`ll be doing tonight and tomorrow. Should be interesting. Maybe I`ll post an “alternative” review here. Since the book is pretty basic and there`s nothing in it for me (riding high, yes).

In other news, I am having a lecture this thursday. Feel free to drop in and listen to it. The more, the merrier. It should not take more than an hour and a half. Solely because I have to be somewhere else at eight. Why is it that sometimes everything falls on the same date? And sometimes there days go by and nothing happens. The curse of life it seems.

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