…is usually good or bad (no shit, sherlock!). This time it`s mildly bad. Why? I turned on the speakers and was awaken instantly by the wonderful music of…static. Annoying static. I won`t record it but think in terms of “brrrrrrrrrrrrr” (ad infinitum) and you are close. The next sensible thing to do was to unplug them and to get a warranty and the bill so I can take them back. Strike two – no bill. Will look some more during the day since I`m not the only one shuffling bills around in this house, but so far, things are not pretty. Or, if you don`t like being negative…they are as pretty as her. She reminds me of her. But you know…beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

What`s on my mind? Food. Since today is the day of the meeting with “ze lawyer” about the Creative Commons of Slovenia and I am “on the team” it should be fun to see what and how much work will they disperse and at what deadline.

Thank to the CC site, I found this. Something to start up your day.

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