I don`t know what to make of all this. I really don`t. I always assume too much and right now I am trying my best not to let my imagination run amok. Things that could have been… It`s like when you are in a car accident and it turns out to be a near-miss and you are ok but the insides of you feel like you crashed. And burned.

I still don`t know what was their point. They probably don`t know either which is a good thing. Fear usually makes things bigger than they really are. Shadows gripping for your neck. While in reality there is nothing to fear. Nothing has changed.

I wish Baya was here. That she would not leave so “early”. I just… I feel weird. Not scared, not alone, not unloved…just weird. Because I do not know what this means. Why did they do it. And what the hell was their point. I guess I`ll sleep on it and see what the morning brings.

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