No, I was not mugged. Nothing like that. I am sorry if I sounded too much of a drama queen in my previous post.

It`s just…
I don`t understand why my parents are all of the sudden feeling oh-so protective of me. Right now their attitude can be summoned up with the words like “We think you are a loser. Prove us wrong“.

I know this is the first time for them too. That their son is meeting someone special and is bringing that person close to home. Too close too fast. According to them.

It`s so funny.

Half a year ago, when I was crying my eyes out, feeling that the world would be better off without me and that things will never change, they were all over me with advices like “go out, stop spending time all alone, meet people, get a girlfriend…“. Now that the world has turned, everything from the past was cleaned (the exams, the faculty, personal issues) they are saying that things are moving too fast, that we should pace ourselves, that we should enjoy life (I really don`t know what the fuck does that mean under the circumstances).

I am not feeling sorry for myself, if anything, I feel sorry for them. For their point of view on the matter. “We think you are a loser. Prove us wrong“.

It`s so funny how every time I get myself into something new, they panic, thinking that I will drop everything else and waste my life (I mean, for fucks sake! They`ve been reading too many books). It`s all a little bit of history repeating. Happened the exact same way when I started working for RTV, for Mobitel, for Ljudmila…that line “So now you`re gonna drop everything else?“.

I really don`t know where they got that. Who have they been talking to. Who are these significant others they look up to for example of how things are done.

They are certainly not getting it from me. I did not drop one thing in my whole life. Not one. I went through the whole thing. Finished what I started. And there was always that chorus line…

(Maybe) they mean well. I just wish they would choose their words more carefully. Because I really do not understand what the hell they were trying to achieve. And where all that was coming from. Not just in this case, but in general. Cause whenever they come out with the famous line of “Please don`t get me wrong…” all the rationale flies out the window.

But I`m not gonna panic. They do not owe me. They made their point. That`s all they did. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion. I guess they just caught me off guard. And I took it a little too hard. Afterall, they`ve been saying it for the last ten years. Why change now, right;)?

Meanwhile, the dream continues. And the sun shines on.

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